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Candy Planet

Candy Planet

Since it was established in 1999, Candy Planet has been creating interactive, innovative candy novelties with an emphasis on fun and cool, fruity tastes. The company has continued the quest to thrill novelty candy lovers with “out of this world” products and price points.

Candy Planet offers Innovative Novelty Candy for the 21st Century and beyond.” We like to refer to our line as ‘state-of-the-art,’” Our Brand New Candy Grillz are in high demand and address the Tween Demographics the fastest growing Category in the Novelty Industry. “Bright Bite Candy Lights” with Back Pack clip and extra refill of Candy and actual working flashlight delights children of all ages.

“Our creativity is what sets us apart. “We really try to live up to our tag line: Candy – from another – Planet!”

We also have created a candy product that gives back to the community. Our New Gummy Products with the Tag Line Eat a Gummy Help Save a Life actually do exactly that with 10% of the proceeds from our Gummy Dogs and Cats donated directly to Operation Kindness - a non profit organization that finds misplaced animals good homes. Our Gummy Ribbons of Hope we donate 10% of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure for Breast Cancer. So if you purchase one of our Fat Free Gummy products you not only enjoy a delicious Fat Free Gummy but you help to save a life. “Not only will parents feel good about giving their children a fat-free candy they will also be contributing to two worthy charities.”

The dog- and cat-shaped gummies come in four flavors – green apple,
grape, cherry and raspberry – and are merchandised in clever dog house-style display boxes. The pink ribbon-shaped breast cancer gummies, on the other hand, come in strawberry and cherry flavors. Both items are packaged in boxes that carry the line “Eat a Gummy Help Save a Life.” Gummies make great fund raiser items!

With our full line of Novelty Candy items we are sure you will agree that Candy Planet offers Candy items that are Creative , Innovative and sure to please everyone.