The official Star Trek Convention was held in Las Vegas, Nevada August 1?3, 2003 and Monogram International was right there in the midst of all the Sci-Fi Action.

Monogram International was recently issued the rights to manufacture and distribute licensed giftware items for Paramount Pictures' Star Trek franchise. We pride ourselves on developing products with precise attention to detail. When holding one of our products, you will feel like you are a crew member onboard a Star Trek ship. Monogram introduced some of its newest products available such as ceramic and travel mugs as well as metal insignia and figural ship keyrings at this year's Star Trek Convention.

Fans were very excited to see our collection of mugs for the very first time. Currently, five ceramic mugs are available, each one portraying a various Enterprise ship's main insignia. The ships included in this first collection are NX-01 Enterprise, NCC-1701, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-A, NCC-1701-D & NCC-1701-E. Our mug collection also includes a travel mug with the Star Fleet Command Insignia.

Our collection of metal insignia keyrings are also popular with fans. The metal insignia keyrings have the look and feel of gear used by Star Trek Space Travelers. Metal insignia keyrings are available with assorted Communicator Badge and Insigina logos.

Monogram's Research and Development crew continues to develop the Star Trek product line to include unique collectible items and state of the art daily functional items. Make sure and check back with us as new items will be added to the product line soon and will be unveiled here.

Thank you to all the fans who took the time to fill out our survey. Your input is greatly appreciated and will be used to develop additional innovative Star Trek merchandise. You helped make this year's convention a big success for Monogram.

Congratulations to all who won Star Trek prizes in our daily raffles!

Live long & prosper!

Click the Star Trek link for more information and pictures of Star Trek products.