Here begins the Avengers journey towards Evolution as we watch the development of each individual character start to take shape and form.

The artist at work here takes great care to keep the integrity of each character as he carefully sculpts every detail of Black Widow making sure the

sculpture comes as close to the real character as possible. Here we have a completed Captain America Sculpture unpainted and in his

rawest form.  As each individual character is created and perfected, the artist starts to arrange each completed piece atop what appears to be an

incomplete Avengers Logo sculpture.  We can start to see the Avengers Paperweights coming together piece by piece until we arrive to the final image

where all characters have been perfectly shaped and formed into the final Avengers paperweight collection. Images provided this 12 piece

collectible set features characters such as Captain America (Item# 68287), The Hulk (item# 68286), Black widow (item# 68288), Hawkeye (item# 68289),

Thor (item# 68291), Iron Man (item# 68292), Red Skull (item# 68293), Loki (item# 68294), Vision (item# 68296), Ultron (item# 68297), Abomination

(item# 68298) and M.O.D.O.K. (item# 68299).  Paperweights forecasted to start release in June 2016.