Journey to Completion

 photo 68287_CaptainAmerica_zps7uue6lhf.jpg photo AvengersResinPaperweight_Set_zps5sdjd0d9.jpg


Monogram has been studiously working away at the un-released new Marvel’s Avengers Resin Paperweights. Now more grandeur

than our previously released Marvels Paperweight with each characters standing atop letters that spell out Marvel and Avengers

This version of Marvel’s Avengers stands out from the rest of our paperweight collectibles as it takes on a stylish look embodying both

Heroes and Villains a top the infamous Avengers Logo. From the rendering images provided this 12 piece collectible set features characters

such as Captain America (Item# 68287), The Hulk (item# 68286), Black widow (item# 68288), Hawkeye (item# 68289), Thor (item# 68291),

Iron Man (item# 68292), Red Skull (item# 68293), Loki (item# 68294), Vision (item# 68296), Ultron (item# 68297), Abomination

(item# 68298) and M.O.D.O.K. (item# 68299). As we work earnestly to perfect these collectible paperweights we would like to take you on a

journey from beginning to completion of this project, starting with the unofficial rendering image of our Paperweight and ideal look.

Look for these paperweights forecasted to release in June 2016.

 photo imageedit_5_6547114644_zpsr2kfkoxk.gif photo imageedit_7_8235143732_zpsjs7jvj5c.gif